victorian rolled gold and onyx mourning necklace, child size, in antqiue ring box
victorian rolled gold and onyx mourning necklace, child size, in antqiue ring box: close up view
Victorian rolled gold and onyx mourning pendant shown on hand to demonstrate its smaller size, as well as pretty details like fleur de lys and scrolls
victorian mourning necklace's length about a thumb wide
back of antique victorian mourning necklace
child size victorian mourning pendant next to ruler for scale
close up of onyx and rolled gold mourning necklace to show scrolls at top and bottom of shield
necklace chain shown beside a ruler to show length of 15"
necklace chain shown beside a ruler to show length of 15"
close up of clasp on victorian mourning necklace

Antique Petite Rolled Gold and Onyx Child's Victorian Mourning Pendant - demure yellow rolled gold with onyx shield, newer 15" chain

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This example of Victorian mourning jewelry is a lovely pendant, with a simple scrolled shield in onyx and rolled gold; a French fleur-de-lys is at the top where the pendant meets the bale. It is a small pendant, perfect for a younger person, or anyone that prefers their jewellery to whisper rather than shout a statement. The pendant is small but feels substantial, with some beautiful curls at the base adding elegance to this subtle piece. 

The Victorian era was known for emulating the Queen it was named for, turning grief into an art form. This Victorian mourning pendant is small enough to be worn without demanding attention: simple, elegant, austere. It is a sweet example of mourning jewellery, demonstrating the grief is common to all of us, young and old.

This petite Victorian rolled gold and onyx mourning pendant is in great vintage condition, and would be a beautifully simple everyday necklace. Use it to remember a special someone, or just wear it to appreciate its history and Victorian aesthetic.

The listing is just for the necklace - the antique ring box is for sale in a separate listing.


The chain length is approximately 15", which would comfortably fit an average child, but would be quite short for most adults. The chain seems more contemporary than the necklace, but is a nice weight and a good colour match for the pendant.

The pendant is very demure, measuring approximately 20mm at its tallest point and 8mm at its widest point.


There is some slight wear and scratching to the onyx and the rolled gold setting, but these are more apparent with magnification. Overall, it is in great vintage condition, considering its age.


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