antique silver cross with chain, featuring an embossed flower and leaf design, places in an antique blue velvet ring box
cross up of mid century antique sterling silver cross, so the flower and leaf pattern is more visible, held against a bare hand
vintage silver cross lengthwise next to a wooden ruler, showing length as approximately 1.25 inches
antique silver cross shown width-wise next to a wooden ruler to show the width as about .75 inches
close up of the necklace closure on the vintage silver cross, showing a hoop and bar fastener, along with the length of about 17"
a second close up of the antique silver cross being held in a hand to show the pattern
the back of the cross pendant, showing the vintage mark certifying it as sterling silver
a close up of the ring and bar closure on the silver chain necklace (there is no way for the pendant to slip  off the chain easily with this type of closure)

Mid-Century / Mid 1900s antique sterling 925 silver cross and chain, vintage silver cross pendant, rose cross, floral cross

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This sterling silver cross and chain is likely from the mid 1900s and European in origin. The simple bar and loop clasp comfortable for daily wear, and while the cross is not small, the thinness of its construction makes it lightweight. The back of the cross is stamped silver, which pre-1970s was the standard for identifying 925 or sterling silver.

The front of the cross is embossed with a flower and leaf design, with two blooms surrounded by detailed lines of symmetrical leaves. This design is bordered and inset from the edge of the cross pendant, which visually helps to contain the intricacy of the design. The pattern is quite subtle, and is more visible with the natural patina developed over time. If you chose to polish the pendant and chain to bright silver, the pattern would be less visible.

This pretty antique cross and chain would be a beautiful and comfortable piece of everyday jewellery - large enough to feel it as you wear it, but light enough to tuck under clothing if you want to layer it will other pieces. The embossed design really make it extra special as a piece of vintage silver devotional jewelry.

The listing is just for the necklace - the antique ring box is for sale in a separate listing.


The length of the sterling silver chain is approximately 17", which would fit close to the collarbone for many adults; it's best to measure your neck to have an idea where the chain will fall. 

The vintage silver cross pendant is about 34mm including the bail at its tallest point, and 18mm at its widest point. 


There is some slight wear and scratching to the surface of this antique 925 silver cross, but these marks are more apparent with magnification, and more noticeable on the back of the pendant. Overall, it is in great vintage condition, considering its age.


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